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I could never be a soft-core porn actor. When I set my mind on accomplishing something, I go all the way.
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Just got home from a long day.


The folks behind Read It Later put together an interesting read showing trends in usage of their application. The aspect that gets the most attention is the reading times by device. My own usage of my devices (Macbook, iPhone, iPad) would mirror their findings.

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if yoy were REALLY desperate, would you kiss the same gender?


Maybe„, if only REALLY DESPERATE =)

Ask me anything =)


Excuse me while my mind implodes

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The Beginning Is the End Is the Beginning, by Smashing Pumpkins…

Reblog if you’re a fucking weirdo.


If GSC ever dressed up in tandem, we’d surely have to consider being the lAdies of ABBA.  Säkert!



I didn’t watch the Grammy’s last night. That kind of depresses me, but apparently they are “lame” and so I wasn’t allowed to put them on the television. So instead last night I watched What Happens in Vegas, which was totally worth it. It was hilarious, and I had good company.

I have a date…

<p>Aw that sounds so cute! Haha I just loveee the old buildings at WVU</p>


Aww well I hope you love it there :)


Because the primary input method of the iPad is a single piece of multitouch glass, developers have incredible flexibility to design unique user interfaces. It’s hard to appreciate the variety of UIs though, since turning the screen off removes virtually all evidence of them. To spotlight these…

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Journey | Only The Young


Fuck yeah.



Create these looks on yourself or someone else and post a picture of it (:

Day 1: Simple, Natural Look (you should look like you’re not even wearing makeup!)

Day 2: Edgy Look

Day 3: Any look with a bold lipstick

Day 4: Doll-like Look

Day 5: Makeup…